Making Progress in Cambodia

Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. – 1 Timothy 4:15
Greetings from Cambodia.  We are making progress … step-by-step …
At the orphanage we launched a campaign we are calling “Clean and Green”.  The intention is to improve the overall living conditions at the orphanage, starting with teaching and training the kids to have this mindset, and then getting to work around the orphanage (see below).  In addition, we started construction on the offices for the admin staff so everyone has a work space.  Construction will be completed in 10 days!
We are making gradual progress on all fronts.  At Church we had 8 visitors on Sunday for twelve disciples in attendance (one sister had to stay with her son, Jesda, in the hospital who had a 106 degree temperature after contracting Dengue Fever!!).  Little Jesda is doing much better and appreciates everyone coming to visit him at the hospital.  We have 3 studies this week and have been following up with two couples who attended Service.
Please keep us in your prayers as we pray for you.
Much love … Nick and Denise

Sakal, one of the Board Members, who also works for the government as the Director of Finance, Financial Markets, has taken a personal interest in the “Clean and Green” project.  Here his provided direction to Sawan (right) who will lead the project.



Chantet, sitting on a mountain of pavers that need to moved

The AFTER photo … Clean and Green! The kids are the ones who put the pavers in place! We’ll add tables and benches to this nice setting under the trees for the kids.

Danin and Lin are all smiles after neatly stacking the pavers with the help of the other kids!

Denise led the gardening project to spruce up the front of the entrance to the office.

The AFTER photo … Clean and Green!

The older boys helped with the heavier parts of the project