The First Priority Project

Greetings from Sydney, Australia and the Austral-China Missions Conference!


Big victory this week as we completed the first priority project for General Chhem and the Board: the administration offices.  Although a small project which required limited funding, we solidified our reputation by completing the repairs to the offices and bathroom on time and to a high standard.

The rotted drywall, black with mildew was removed and the leak in the roof repaired.

The ceiling drywall was replaced, new tile on the floor and walls was set , a new toilet and sink were installed, and fresh coat of paint was brushed on.

We are so encouraged to have received a significant donation this week, which will finance our next priority project: the boys’ bathroom.

The boys bathroom, located on the second floor of the boy dormitory, is deplorable.  The leaky plumbing has created a cesspool in the back where the playing fields are located.  The new bathroom – which will include all new plumbing, 10 new toilets, 10 new showers, six urinals and two long community sinks made from cement – will be installed at the ground floor. Preliminary drawings have been completed.

Denise and I, along with General Chhem and Heng, the “older brother” in the orphanage, had our first formal “family meeting” with all the older boys, 13 in total.  We will have family meetings each month, along with the girls and younger children, to continue to build family.

We asked the kids to share their expectations of us as overseers of the orphanage.  The children asked for our financial support to attend college ($300/semester), improve the bathroom conditions, build a library, and put in an all purpose playing field in the back of the orphanage. We shared our expectation that they, as young men, serve as wonderful examples to the younger kids in the orphanage.

Pray for us as we are praying for you!  Much love, Nick and Denise