CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – July 14th, 2019

“Thanks for you have good plans for children to change a bad habits. Now, I see better to much. ” A FB Message (in broken English) from Phors, one of the older sisters in the Orphanage

Denise and I continue our focus on the Three Pillars Of Growth for the kids in the orphanage: Character, Education and Health.

In an effort to help the children build the character trait of responsibility, Denise and I started a new custom with the intention to inspire the kids to take the new chores at the orphanage more seriously. We reward the team in the orphanage that did a stellar job on their chores for the month. We took Phors (Left; she has been studying the Bible) and her team to a delicious buffet to honor their great work during the month of June. Everyone was very fired up and grateful, even big brother Heng (at the end on the left), who drove all of us to the restaurant in the van and joined us for the celebration!!!

The boys bedrooms are completed and the younger boys were so excited to move from the girls dorm to their new room in the boys dorm.

All the moving created quite a mess!

Tearek joyfully finishes up the sweeping.

The boys – (L) Samna, Tearek, Bonsok, Seha, and (R) Ney and Davit – all worked hard cleaning up and moving in! They are all smiles after neatly putting the shoes in the shoe rack outside their new room!

Enjoyable a double date with MERCY’s cyber lead, Rafael de Jesus, and graphic designer, Kendi Castro.

Denise and I were invited by our brother, Don Protasio (L), a famous fashion designer in Cambodia, to the beautiful Rosewood Hotel and Restaurant, where Don organized a Designer Week Exhibition of local designers and artists. Luke Ding (R), an accomplished photographer, has been a great support to Denise and me by using his incredible talents photographing the kids. Pray for Luke and his wife Lisa to study the Bible, along with the GM of this hotel, who invited us to dinner after hearing about the orphanage.

Our new brother Piseth! I’ve been praying for an English teacher to support our English program in the orphanage. Piseth, who graduated as an English major in university, desires to change the Cambodia people through education. He is passionate about teaching English and desires to help us at the orphanage!!

Please keep us in our prayers. We will continue to pray for you.

Much love, Nick and Denise ️

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