Cambodia Update – Clean and Green

Greetings from Cambodia!

Despite numerous illnesses in the membership and extended families, we have made considerable progress at the orphanage:

  • We held our first bi-monthly Staff Meeting, gathering all staff members to begin discussions about protocols for the orphanage and rules for the kids.  A good start.
  • Continued the Clean and Green Program, purchasing:

1)      Cleaning Supplies

  • Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room

2)      Much needed Kitchen Supplies

  • Knives, Pots, Pans, Strainers, Covers for the Food

Met with an architect to create a professional drawing of the orphanage grounds highlighting the projected projects over the next 12-18 months (depending on funding), including but not limited to the boys bathrooms, boys sleeping quarters, the library and common room off the kitchen, the kitchen, the all-purpose playing field, and the playground.   We will put a cost to each project and then seek outside funding for each project.

The kids helped Denise purchase much needed supplies for the orphanage.


Sokly, Veasna and Momsat not only took the initiative to lay the pavers but had fun doing it too!!