Mercy Life Skills

life skill plural noun: life skills a skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.

The world is getting smaller, the pace of life is getting faster, and the uncertainties in the world are becoming greater. Emerging issues like technological advances, war and conflicts, governmental instability, social unrest, global warming, job insecurity, and financial crises have created social, emotional, physical and psychological issues in young and old alike. Social problems like mental illness, drug and alcohol abusive, sexual abuse and social unrest are on the rise. The need to develop “essential life skills” is imperative for most to cope with these rapid societal shifts across the globe to meet the challenges of everyday life. In response, in the Spring and Fall of 2018 MERCYworldwide launched the MERCY Life Skills Workshop, a five week program designed to help participants not only survive in this changing environment but thrive.  The five essential life skills include:
  • Day 1 -  Personal Integrity…Initiative and Responsibility                   
  • Day 2 -  Maximizing Time…Life Effectiveness                                        
  • Day 3 -  Career Development…Resume, Interviewing                    
  • Day 4 -  Financial Stewardship…Budgeting                                          
  • Day 5 -  Personal Health & Appearance…Hygiene, Fitness            
MERCY Life Skills is not a lecture-based program. Rather, MERCY Life Skills incorporates the following three components Rather, MERCY Life Skills incorporates these unique components to the program to help participants maximize their learning capability in order to retain and apply what is being taught:
  1. Time Tested Universal Truths
  2. It’s a WORKSHOP – Participants walk away with tangible life skills than can practically applied immediately
  3. Mentorship – A buddy system to walk with you through the program to provide emotional and learning support!
Furthermore, the 8 instructors are seasoned life coaches and business professionals that teach and instruct with practical, hands-on application in mind.