Chem MERCY Orphanage Update – April 9th, 2019

Greetings from Manila, Philippines!

Cambodia is in the celebration mode for Khmai New Year.  Everyone goes back home to the provinces to be reunited with family.  

Denise and I are grateful to be back in Manila, Philippines, our spiritual roots, to spend time with Ricky, Co, and Mina, the Metro Manila Church, Blady and Cielo and the Cambodia Mission team, and MERCY Philippines!   

I had the wonderful to see Virasun, General Chhem’s son, at the Khmai New Year Party and show him the progress on the bathroom project. Wires are now being run for the electricity.  We will connect the water after Khmai New Year but wait for your arrival Kip for the inaugural service for the official ribbon cutting. We are praying Dennis Wong will also be in attendance.
Kenny, a retired pro futbol player from Nigeria, has begun volunteering to coach the kids during the weekends. Here, Kenny, Board Member Saman Tieng, and I join hands in patnership to help the children in the orphanage. 
We started the day with a futbol match at 7:00 am to beat the heat. One of our goals is to fundraise for a new all-purpose athletic field
Denise and Saman get a birds-eye view of the preparations from the 2nd floor 
Denise purchased some of the supplies and is fired up to work on decorating
Happy Khmai New Year!! 
The cooks are so excited to prepare the special meal for the kids and honored guests
The kids made handicrafts. Danit and Srey Kim made paper necklaces
The boys made water balloons…and then proceeded to attack each other!!  
General Chhem invited a number of colleagues and business associates, who gave the kids traditional cash envelops and provided supplies for the orphanage (on the table). Tirak is so encouraged to receive $20,000 Riles (US$5) in the envelope!!

Sakal, a Board Member and government official, was in town and joined the festivities. The children honored the leaders of the orphanage with a ceremonial washing, a sign of respect for their elders and overseers. The kids had a blast, especially the crazy older kid peering her head up at the bottom of the photo!! Fun had by all! Family and honored guests posed for a photo at the end of the day!! 

What a warm welcome!!  Denise and I are so grateful and fired up to be united with Ricky, Co and Mina again and spend time with our family in the Philippines!!

Please continue to pray for us, as we will be praying for you.

Much love,
Nick and Denise 

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