Chem MERCY Orphanage Update – February 10th

Greetings for Phnom Penh, Cambodia! 

Great to be back after the memorable visits to my family in icy Connecticut and our daughters in rainy Eugene. 

Progress has been made on the bathroom facility. We are 3 weeks away from completion. 

The end section with 5 showers. The other side has 9 rooms with combined toilets/showers. 

Just before we left, Denise took one of the girls, Srey Oun, 16, to visit the dentist, who lost one of her two front teeth to decay. She had 12 cavities. They are replacing the tooth with a cap and she is so happy and grateful!

At a family meeting, Denise and Heng, the big brother, explain the importance of dental hygiene. We handed out dental packets prepared by Sonrisa’s and Makaela’s roommate, Izzy, who fundraised to buy toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss for 60 children!  

We were blessed to have Hank Ge, from our Australia Church, and his parents visit for 5 days. They toured Phnom Penh and visited the kids in the orphanage. Here Hank’s parents (left) and Hank (middle right) are having lunch at the orphanage, along with the executive director and board member, Tieng Saman, at the end next to Hank. 

Hank stayed an extra few days to visit the orphanage and take photos for us. Here, Heng explains to the kids the order for picture taking. 

Very intense games of Jenga during free time. The team on the right won 3 out of 5!! 

We had visitors from China – a Canadian photographer and his Chinese wife, who is an acupuncturist. They expressed interest in raising funds in China from “crazy rich Chinese” to support the orphanage.  Pray for this. 

Pray for us as we pray for you. Much love, 

Nick and Denise

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