Chem MERCY Orphanage Update – March 19th

Denise & I were honored to host Josiah & Kristin Smith, the Los Angeles MERCY Directors, who are also spearheading our Fundraising Campaign for the CSW-MERCY (Cambodia Social Welfare – MERCY) Orphanage!

Josiah & Kristin Smith boarded the plane in LA full
of anticipation as this was their very first
international flight together!

Their five day visit was action packed! Our main objective: Create a promotional video of the orphanage – the kids, us, General Chhem, the staff and the orphanage grounds! This would be a needed vehicle to raise funds in support of the CSW-MERCY partnership to better the lives of the 53 children that currently reside here!

Thursday morning, the Smiths and Bordieris had
breakfast to review their itinerary for the
four days on the ground!

To have them better understand the culture, we visited the infamous “Killing Fields.” During the Pol Pot regime in the 1970’s, 2,000,000 Cambodians were executed many of which died in the Killing Fields!

As a reminder to future generations, the
Killing Fields Monument is…
Full of thousands upon thousands of skulls
from Pol Pot’s murderous regime!
The Phnom Penh Church honored Josiah & Kristin
with a Mekong River Cruise! With a shoe-string
budget, Nick rented the boat for $30 and
all the sisters brought delicious
Cambodian food!

The majority of the Smiths’ and Bordieris’ time was spent filming at the orphanage!

Josiah filmed the English Class which was held
in the evening at the orphanage!
Kristin interviewed the three boys on the left, whose
first day at the orphanage was Friday!
The girls at the orphanage “adored” Kristin!
The girls at the orphanage “adored” Kristin!

Pray for Josiah & Kristin to edit the promotional video in such a way as to move many hearts to give to the CSW-MERCY Orphanage! Pray as well for our two year goal to increase the number of children in the orphanage to 100!

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