CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – July 21st, 2019

Greetings from the Kingdom of Wonder!

This week: Continued focus on Character Development – Personal Responsibility and Ownership – through chores and Activity Committees; the game room is being put to good use; gifts from donors …

Early Morning Chores

Younger boys cleaning the courtyard …

All part of our “Clean and Green” Campaign

The girls are diligent about sweeping and mopping the dining room floor on a daily basis.

Keeping it clean and shiny!

Birthday Party Committee

Denise is teaching the newly-formed Birthday Committee to organize the monthly birthday celebrations … games, birthday 🎂 wishes and entertainment !

Game Room

These guys are taking ping pong very seriously! Big brother Heng is all dressed up for the “friendly” completion. Although all smiles, he is a tenacious ping pong player and the man-to-beat for the ping pong crown at the orphanage!!

Donor Celebration

A local Korean Church donated much-needed cotton bath towels to each of the kids. Board Member Ney Sakal graciously accepts the gift from the church representative.

General Chhem is taking advanced classes in military strategies. His classmates donated school supplies to all the kids.

I had the honor to sit next to Gareth, a Commander and Chief of internal military affairs in Cambodia.

The kids were fired up to receive new notebooks for school …

… as well as backpacks and bath towels!!!

Leangki, the cook in the orphanage, cooked a delicious Cambodian meal for over 80 visitors, and enjoyed every moment!

What a great afternoon! Our dear sister Sharon – who helped Leangki prepare the meal – and brother Dun “let their light shine” during the time of fellowship with all the guests.

Please pray for our monthly birthday celebration Saturday and our sister Airi, who is flying in from Cebu, Philippines to film at the orphanage over the next 10 days.

You are in our prayers. Please keep us in yours.

Much love, Nick and Denise

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