CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – July 7th, 2019

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This week we have been bringing the boys’ bedroom and auditorium/game room projects to a close. In addition, it appears my prayers have been answered!

Denise and Heng inspect one of the new bedrooms. Rather than 12 boys packed into one room, the kids will now have their own space. The wiring has been upgraded, and both window screens to combat the mosquitoes and fans for ventilation have been installed.

The boys have cleaned up and rearranged the room they were all living in.

The new bedroom in the boys dormitory will be the living quarters for all the younger kids, who will be moving from the girls dormitory

Visal is removing the old window coverings so light can shine into their new living quarters.

Heng and Denise are getting a feel for the new auditorium/game room. An additional 45 chairs will be delivered this week, giving us 75 total.

At the other end of the auditorium/game room are the ping pong tables. The kids are fired up to sharpening their ping pong skills!!

I have been praying to find bonafide English teachers to help teach all the kids in the orphanage English. Piseth, 25, fluent in English and an English teacher, is one determined and passionate young man. He is excited to help the kids. Maline, another fluent English speaker and a student at FLI (Foreign Language Institute). She too is interested in helping teach the kids English.

Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

Much love,

Nick and Denise

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