CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – June 2nd, 2019

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

The old bathroom has been demolished.  Progress is being made on the new boys bedroom!!


Dun (at the end on the right) is giving the thumbs up for the progress on the new game room/auditorium.  Excitingly, the plan is to hold all Church Services there when the Mission Team arrives.


Denise and I met with the Orphanage Staff and the kids who were newly appointed as “Team Leads” for each of the 7 chores in the orphanage.  We discussed the chores, the responsibilities and the accountabilities …


… Then we met with the kids to teach (about the chores) and train (showed them how to clean with solution and a towel) them.  The dirt on the towel is from the kitchen table!!


Tola (in blue) speaks three languages and has a heart for God.  He asked about salvation and it so happened the next study was Light and Darkness (this morning). Please keep Tola and Pheakday, the son of Rithy (right) in your prayers, that they decide to make Jesus Lord of their lives!


General Chhem is suffering from severe back pain and taking Kip’s lead, paid a visit to the orphanage doctor, an acupuncturist. Denise was there to provide moral support.


9 needles!

Please pray for us as we pray for you.  Much love …

Nick and Denise

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