CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – June 30th, 2019

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, The Land of Wonder!

What an incredible week.This week: MERCY cyber plans, establishing regular distribution of hygiene items, monthly chores, and a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!

After our  5:15 am call with our Director of Information Technology, Chuck Hess, Rafael Dumaraos De Jesus and I went up  on the rooftop to pray for Cambodia and MERCYworldwide.  Rafael, is being trained by Chuck to support MERCYworldwide’s cyber needs.


We are beginning a regular monthly distribution of toiletries, starting with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Our brother Dun receives his with a smile.


The kids are fired up for their new toothbrushes!!


Building character by taking personal responsibility for cleanliness in the orphanage, the kids listen to Big Brother Heng about their new chores for the month.


Monthly birthday celebration – Srey Win, Dom and Srey Ri.


Ney, Dun and Seha pray before blowing out their candles.


What a celebration!!

We are praying for all of you. Please keep us in your prayers.

Much love,

Nick and Denise … and a bunch of kids

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