CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – May 12th

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where the Rainy Season has begun in earnest.
We are very exciting to announce that Dennis Wong and the Sharon Wong Foundation has pledged additional funds for our next projects at the CSW-MERCY Orphanage.
  1. Boys Bedroom Renovation so that the younger boys can move from the girls dorm to the boys dorm
  2. Game Room / Auditorium – in addition to a game room with ping pong tables and a room for movie nights, it will also serve as the future location for church services!!
  3. New Bedding for all the kids
  4. Library
We are so grateful for Dennis and the Sharon Wong Foundation for their ongoing support for MERCY and the kids.
The Water Bureau has begun working on the water lines so that we can open the new bathroom for the boys.
Speaking of water … Rainy Season has begun, cooling the scorching temps and bringing much needed water!!

When it rains in the tropics it comes down in buckets … for 30-60 minutes!!

With a poor drainage system water accumulates on the streets quickly …

… and at the orphanage. This is the open field in the front.

We gathered in the hospital to encourage Sokli. He is in the back (right) with his mom who came from the province to be with him in the hospital.

We are exciting for the Pac Rim Missions Conference, as eleven of our 15 members will be attending.
Please pray for the Mission Team, fruit that is on the vine, the CSW-MERCY Orphanage and the MERCY Medical-Clinic at at the Pac Rim Conference.
You are in our thoughts and prayers brothers and sister.
Much love … Nick and Denise

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