Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I’ve only been here for 12 days but it feels like eternity…in a good way.


I landed safely at midnight to a warm welcome from the brothers and the Cambodian tropical heat.  Time has been spent getting situated with my life in Phnom Penh, solidifying MERCY’s relationship with the orphanage, unifying the church, reaching out to the remnant and the lost, and preparing for your visit in a few days.

A warm welcome by the brothers at the airport!


To help better understand the people and culture of Cambodia I spent a day at the infamous Killing Fields and Prison S-21 (this is where the country’s intelligentsia – teachers, doctors, lawyers, government officials [who they considered the worst of society] – were tortured before being sent to their death in the killing fields).   In less than 4 years, it is estimated that 3 of the 8 million people of Cambodia were eliminated under the ruthless and brutal regime of Pol Pot.  Sadly, this is recent history – 1975-1979.  It was a very sobering, reflective day for me.  What man does to man is heart-wrenching. Not just Cambodia but the world truly needs Jesus to heal the wounds and forgive the sins of the world.  The need for men and women who are truly on a mission from God – totally soldout – is all the more clear.  We have the cure for spiritual cancer: Jesus.  Our mission in Cambodia and around the world became a little more real that day!

Prison S-21 – a former high school – is located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

The prisoners were then sent to the Killing Fields to be eliminated.  The Museum at the site of the Killing Fields …

…. displays thousands of remnants from those that were exterminated to help current and future generations to never forget.


I met with both General Chhem (an orphan from the Pol Pot regime), the founder of the CHHEM MERCY ORPHANAGE, as well as the Executive Director of the orphanage.  They are both very excited and encouraged to partner with us.  We will focus on three key pillars with the children: Character, Education and Health.  They are especially encouraged that we are a “Christian” organization, as “Christians are known for their love, kindness and compassion”.  With that said, they are encouraging us to teach the children Biblical principles and values. Exactly what we came here for!

Nick and General Chhem enjoying lunch after discussing our partnership…

Executive Director of the orphanage, Samarn Tieng, and Nick discussed the specific needs of the orphanage and the kids.

 Much love … Nick