CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – May 5th

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia –

Highlights for the week include:

  • Finishing touches on the Boys Bathroom Project
  • The next projects
  • MERCY Video – First Cut
  • Survival tips living in Phnom Penh

The swing doors to the entrance look great. Just need a slight adjustment higher.

The doors from the inside

Another project will be the game room / auditorium.

Leading up to the boys bathroom are three large interconnected rooms, which were formerly rented to a carpenter (on the right).

We will renovate these rooms – knock out the walls, clean the glue and chemicals from the carpenters shop, remove the mold and mildew covering the walls from the leaky bathroom above, improve the electrical wiring and add a coat or two of paint.  The plan is for this room to double as a game room for the kids (including ping pong tables) and an auditorium.

Next Project: Renovate the boys bedrooms. The younger kids can then move from the girls dorm where they currently live to the boys dorm, next to the older boys.

Fundraising Update –

Josiah and Kristin (“Team Smith”) are using their talent, expertise and entertainment contacts to create content from their recent trip here to raise funds for MERCY.

They showed the video at the 2nd Annual Reach Film Festival for Special Missions, which was attended by many entertainers, celebrities and prominent community leaders. An executive at Walt Disney and a former NFL football player and current actor expressed their interest in making a sizable donation toward the All-Purpose Sports Field, as well as future donations to the CSW-MERCY Orphanage. Great job “Team Smith”!!

Thought you might appreciate this Survival Tip when you visit us in Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh is NOT a walking city. Keep your head up when walking on the sidewalk. Motorcyclists consider the sidewalk as part of the road!!

Please keep us in your prayers, especially Denise as she heads back to the US to spend Mother’s Day with our girls.

Much love, Nick and Denise

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