MERCY Special Report & CSW-MERCY Orphanage Update – July 28th, 2019

Greetings from Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder!

We are jumping for joy about all that is going on for MERCY worldwide and MERCY Cambodia …

This week: MERCY’s worldwide impact, movers and shakers in Phnom Penh, birthday celebrations, when it rains it pours, filming a trip to the province, frogs (yikes), photo ops, 300 …

THE REAL SCHOOL (Oko-Baba, Africa)
A generous donation from our dear brother, Dennis Wong, and The Wong Foundation (in loving memory of his wife Sharon), has afforded us the opportunity to launch MERCY’s second signature program, to help 100 children in partnership with The Real School, in Oko-Baba, Nigeria, located on the outskirts of Lagos. Excitingly, after last year’s MERCY event at the African Missions Conference, the founders of The Real School, Biodun and Yewande Abodunrin, studied the Bible with Andrew and Patrique and got baptized. Since then, the school has gone from 70 kids to 100 … and growing. Funding will be used to purchase uniforms, school supplies, and food for the children. (Check out the 2 minute YouTube video

Oko-Baba, a water settlement, is extremely poor and lacks basic social amenities such as electricity, schools, and healthcare clinics.


Donations from the The Wong Foundation also allows MERCY to support the MERCY School in Jacmel, Haiti, run by our church leaders in Jacmel, Jean-Bonard and Loverlie Colin. Currently 34 children attend 1st and 2nd grade in the Jacmel MERCY International School and the number will increase to 50 in the 2019-2020 school year, as a third grade will be added.

Loverlie and a few of the kids with Compassionate Hearts of MERCY


Denise and I had the honor and privilege to have dinner with Michael Parker, General Manager of the prestigious Rosewood Hotel, located at the top of the Vattanac Tower in the heart of Phnom Penh City. Michael is a success story in his own right. We plan to start a seminar series at the Orphanage to inspire the kids to get a vision for their lives and have invited Michael to be our first guest speaker. Michael gladly accepted and then offered to host the kids to visit the Rosewood to see the facility, learn about the hospitality business and hear about their world class training program. We are praying for great synergy between the CSW-MERCY Orphanage and the Rosewood Hotel.


Srey Kim, 11, was the sole birthday this month … and all of us celebrated!!!

We used the new game room for the birthday celebration this month since heavy rains prevented us from using the courtyard outside

Some of the kids gravitated to the ping pong table!!

The party, under the watchful eye of Denise and big brother Heng, was a huge success!!

When it rains it pours … and floods!! But a little water never stops the kids from having fun!!!

Taray is a typical kid, always full of smiles, especially when he can splash in the puddles!!

We are continuing the Clean and Green Campaign

Road Trip – Our dear sister, Airi (green MERCY shirt), from the Philippines, is an accomplished cinematographer … at the young age of 18!! We planned a visit to the villages of some of the children who live in the nearby Province of Takeo. Denise and I shopped at the local market near the orphanage to purchase gifts – soap, shampoo, detergent and bath towels – for the three families we planned to visit. A light snack on the trip. Takéo Province is known for frog. I’ve had frog legs before but not the whole frog!!!! Airi is adventuresome, willing to eat something at least once. We were both VERY grateful that frog was actually quite tasty!!

The first family we visited was the mom of Kim Lang, 16 (dark blue blouse in the back left, next to the baby) and Kim Chai, 15 (grey shirt, second one in in the front left). Their mom (in orange in the middle) has six children. She was very ill and could not care for all the kids when they were young. Both Kim Lang and Kim Chai have bright futures. Kim Lang, in addition to speaking Khmai, speaks English and is learning Chinese. Kim Chai is ranked 16 in a class of 70.

We also visited the home (one room behind us) of Danin and Danit, and took a photo with her grandparents (standing in front of Denise and me), little sister (in red, holding their baby cousin), their uncle and aunt and cousins. They were being raised by their grandparents before moving to the orphanage. Danit, 14, and Danin, 16 were so grateful we visited their family. Their grandparents were so gracious to give us coconuts as a parting gift. This is the family of our brother Dun, 18, (back middle, dark blue shirt), his brother Oudom, 22, (back middle, behind his dad in the white shirt) and their sister Sayree (who had to stay back to work in Phnom Penh). The great grandmother, 80, and matriarch of the family is seated in the middle. They were so generous, feeding all the of us with a delicious meal of meat and veggies from their property, as well as juicy fish from the mom of Kim Lang and Kim Chai.

We stopped on the way home for a photo op and then climb the highest peak in the area to see an ancient temple, over a 1000 years old, before heading home. It was a long, bumpy, dusty trip through the dirt roads to the small villages. We are so grateful to big brother Heng, who drove us safely there and back!

Please keep us in your prayers as we pray for you …

Much love,

Nick and Denise ❤️✨🙏🌏

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