MERCYworldwide | Compassion in Action

I want to introduce and welcome you to MERCYWORLDWIDE, a 501(c)3 non-profit global organization that is committed to transforming the lives of the poor, less fortunate, and most vulnerable individuals and communities around the world.

MERCY is defined as an act of love, compassion, and kindness.  I like to consider MERCY as providing second chances.  All of us need a second chance, and possibly a third and a fourth.  This is especially true of individuals that are in the greatest of need and are the most vulnerable.  I call them the “the invisibles” or “the forgotten”, because they are often tucked away in the corners of society.  For many, their situations are so dire that they need a first chance—an opportunity for a new life.   I love success stories, specifically those about individuals who have been beaten down by life’s circumstances and have risen from the ashes to live a life of hope and love.  Over time, we hope we can share with you stories about individuals and communities that have been transformed by love, compassion, and kindness: MERCY.

MERCYWORLDWIDE’s vision is to provide compassionate service that will transform the lives of the world’s most poor, sick, and vulnerable.  We live by the mantra, Compassion in Action.  As a global organization, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the humanitarian issues we all face as global citizens, providing long term solutions to address some of these issues, and communicating good news about how the efforts are having an impact.

Our mission is based on the organization’s name, MERCY, which is an acronym for “Maximizing Efforts for Relief and Care, with a special focus on Youth, Worldwide”.  Maximizing Efforts references our strong belief in building solid partnerships—we strive to work together to maximize impact.  We are committed to providing Relief to those in the most challenging situations, and Caring for those in need.  Often the most vulnerable are children, so we have a special focus on Youth.

MERCY volunteers are the foundation of all we do: people helping people. On all six populated continents, these talented, committed, and enthusiastic workers are diverse in race, gender, and age.  Since they are MERCY representatives across the globe who carry out our mission and fostering community involvement with unbounded love and spirit, we have so honorably named them, “MERCY Ambassadors”.  Whether it be building homes in Chile after the devastating earthquake in 2010, providing clean water to people suffering in Haiti, administering health and dental care to orphans in the Philippines, helping orphans at the CHHEM MERCY ORPHANAGE in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, tutoring underprivileged children in Compton, California, or installing fire alarms in underdeveloped areas of Los Angeles in partnership with the Red Cross, MERCY Ambassadors are ready to serve as needed.

Take a moment to imagine.  Imagine that the water that came out of your tap could kill you and your children. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and needing to use the toilet, but you have to go outside—alone, in the dark, and in an unsafe environment—to relieve yourself.  Imagine you are a young child, without a father or mother, living on the streets with others like you, scavenging to survive every moment of every day, with little hope of a future.  Imagine crying out but there is no one to hear your cries.  Imagine, as an elderly man or women, you spend the last years of your life alone. Imagine your head pounding, body aching, and your temperature spiking with fever, as you painfully wait for the malaria to run its course; or even worse, your child is taken from you at an early age due to a lack of basic medicine that could have saved them.  These are only a few of the many humanitarian issues we, as the human race, are faced with today.  The scenarios are countless.  MERCY will not be able to address all of them, but we have set our minds and our hearts on creating a better world.

Communities, nations, and generations will be judged by how they respond to and care for those who are the most vulnerable.  The world has become very small, and is continually getting smaller, by the ease and convenience of travel and immediate connection through social media.  Consequently, what we say and do matters more today than it has at any other time in history.  We affect those in our families, our communities, our countries, and around the world.  We, as individuals in a global community, have a choice how we respond to the call: turn a blind eye and pretend they do not exist; recognize there are issues yet maintain a distance; or do something about it.  MERCY is dedicated to helping others, one person at a time.  We invite you to join us in this global movement to KNOW MERCY—Compassion in Action.  Together, as people helping people, we can make a difference.