N. America

In the United States and Canada, work in the areas of disaster relief and emergency preparedness as well as combating homelessness and joblessness has expanded. Developments in clean water technologies for the French Caribbean continues to grow.


While billions of dollars of aid and relief have been sent to Africa over the years by countries all over the world, the growth of poverty and civil unrest has left this continent in need of help. Through our branches we provide food and resources to underprivileged families.

S. America

Our work in South America spans from youth camps, to service at orphanages, to work with the poor and needy, providing them with medical and dental care. These services are an expanding area of need that will see significant efforts in the future.


Our work in Southeast Asia and India has grown tremendously. Through our branches and volunteers from cities such as Manila and New Delhi we provide assistance on the ground in leper colonies and medical dental clinics for underprivileged youth.